PIO-PVG: [Jan-23-2017] Monthly Coordination Meeting

Date: January 23rd, 2017
Venue: PIO-PVG Meeting Room
Chaired by: H.E LONG That, PIO Director
Part: 27 persons (05F) from PIO, PIC TL, ISS
Coordinated by PIC-ISS
Agenda Focused:
1- Rice-SDP Up-to-Date
2- Summary Report by District team
3- Social Safeguard and Issues Related
4- Admin/Finance 
5- 2017 AWPB and Next Plan
6- PIO Management Recommendation
- Irrigation Sub. location in Sithor Kandal district need to be clearly identified on technical aspect and collaborate with PDLMUPC on Land Title Issuance.
- Ansong sub-project need to be communicated with Vaiko Phase II (China Funded Project) on Layout/Design. somehow it will be perform-able. 
 - No any issue related Admin/Finance, every claims completely cleared, and posting for Audit purpose.
- Detail Measurement Survey (DMS) at Chamkar Kuoy sub. conducted 6,300 m length and could not be completed since the site still flooding.
- Associated Initiative activities could not be done during quarter, while delaying on approval.
- LoA Arrangement clarified by Mr. David Moles, PIC TL, LLL will proceed via DSA allowance payment for PIO team, PDLMUPC will be assigned to in charge of technical works. And ADB will required to Prior Review on the first LoA for all.
- MAFF-NIO will will soon procuring Tablet for extension packages and deliver to Extension officials for program purposes.
- 2017 AWPB have recently approved.
- Local contractors will be eligible to bid LLL sub-project.
- ADB mission will be arrived on Feb 1st, 2017 for 8 days duration.
- As provincial sub-committee for resettlement, PIO will organize a discussion meeting regarding DMS at Anlong Char sub-project before their field work (public consultation or observation...) conducted. And PIO team will closely joined the mission.
PIO Director Suggestion/Recommendation:
- PIO team must be prepared their monthly report regularly.
- Local authorities should work closely with beneficiaries on Social Safeguard.
- Every claim docs must be be completed and on time submission.
- IRC should basically relying on authorities coordination and letter.
- Loan concession should be provided to millers for their business improvement.
- Request for more Office Equipment for district staffs and motorbikes for PIO staff.
-----------------Ended: 11:10 AM-------------------