Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program

 Loans 3006/3007/8271 and Grants 0349/0350-CAM

IFQ No:  GD-VEH5 (i)/RICE-SDP/MEF/NS/2018/09




1.         The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has received a Loan 3007/Grant 0349/Grant 0350-CAM from the Asian Development Bank toward the cost of Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this Loan and Grant to payments under the Contract for supply and delivery of one vehicle for PMO.

2.         The goods are required by 8 weeks from the date of signed contract.

3.         Interested qualified eligible suppliers are invited to obtain a copy of the bidding documents free-of-charge from the address given below by submitting a written application. Except for the submission of a written application, there shall be no other conditions for obtaining the bidding documents.

4.         To be considered eligible and qualified a bidder must


  • e from a ADB member country
  • Have copd at lest two contracts for spply of smilr goods in the preceding 3 years of not less than 50% of the bid price in each contract.
  • ve completed contracts with a total cumulative value equal to at least two times the value of the bid price in the preceding 2 years.
  • t be under any notice of disbarment issued by the Government or Asian Development Bank


5.         Bids must be delivered to the address given below at or before 10:30am on 18 May 2018. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened in public immediately thereafter at the address given below in the presence of the Bidders' representatives and the project's beneficiaries from the concerned local community who choose to attend shall be allowed to be present in person.

6.         The Purchaser shall award the Contract to the Bidder whose offer has been determined to be the lowest evaluated bid and is substantially responsive to the Bidding Documents, provided further that the Bidder is determined to be qualified to perform the Contract satisfactorily.

7.         All bids must be accompanied by a bid and performance securing declaration as described in the bidding documents. Any bid not accompanied by one will be rejected as non-compliant

8.         The address where the document may be inspected and obtained is:

Program Management Office (PMO), Rice-SDP

Address: Supreme National Economic Council, (ឧត្តមក្រុមប្រឹក្សាសេដ្ធកិច្ចជាតិ)

No.208A, Preah Norodom Blvd., Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh


9.         In case of any difficulty in obtaining the bidding documents, interested parties may contact in writing

  •  The Director,

Department of Cooperation and Debt Management/Ministry of Economy and Finance

New Building 2nd Floor, ST.92,Sangkat Wat Phnom

Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  • H.E. Ros Seilava, National Program Director,  Program Management Office

 Ministry of Economy and Finance,  Email: rseilava@yahoo.com


10.       The address for bid submission is

  Mr. Siek Sopheak, National Program Manager, Program Management Office, Rice-SDP

 Address: Supreme National Economic Council (ឧត្តមក្រុមប្រឹក្សាសេដ្ធកិច្ចជាតិ)

No.208A, Preah Norodom Blvd., Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Tel.: 017 909777,         E-mail: spsiek@gmail.com

11.       The Government of Cambodia and Asian Development Bank will declare a firm ineligible either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, to be awarded a contract financed by the Government of Cambodia and Asian Development Bank respectively, if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent, coercive or collusive practices in competing for or in executing a contract

12.       A complaint may be made by any party at any stage of the procurement process. The procedure is described in Instructions to Bid, Clause 21 of the Bidding Documents