summary of contract awarded

Project Name: Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program (Additional Financing)\Grants 0818-CAM (EF)
Executive Agency: Ministry of Economy and Finance/Program Management Office
Contract Name: Supply and Delivery of Two Vehicles  
Contract Number: AF-GD3/RICE-SDP AF/NS/2022/01  Contract Signed Date:  20 July 2022
Procurement Method: Shopping for Goods   Currency: United States Dollar 
No. Name of Awarded Bidder  Bid Price at Opening Final Bid Price (Award)
1 Toyota (Cambodia) Co., Ltd $107,600.00 $107,600.00
Ranked Name of Evaluated Bidder Bid Price at Opening Final Bid Price (Evaluated Bid Price)
1 RMA (Cambodia) PLC. $112,800.00 $112,800.00
2 Toyota (Cambodia) Co., Ltd $107,600.00 $107,600.00
No. Name of Rejected Bidder  Bid Price at Opening Reason for Rejection
1 None