ID Abbreviations Description
1 PDLMUPCC Provincial Department of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction and Cadastral
2 PDWRAM Provincial Department of Water Resources and Meteorology
3 PF Provincial Facilitator
4 PFT Provincial Facilitation Team
5 PIC Program implementation consultants
6 PIO Provincial Implementation Office
7 PMO Program Management Office
8 PPMS Project Performance Monitoring System
9 PPP Public-private Partnership
10 PSC Provincial Steering Committee
11 P‐LUP Team Provincial Land Use Planning team (including GIS‐unit)
12 QBS Quality Based Selection
13 QCBS Quality- and cost based selection
14 RF Resettlement Framework
15 RGC Royal Government of Cambodia
16 Rice-SDP Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program
17 RP Resettlement Plan
18 SLC Social Land Concession
19 SLMC State Land Management Committee (Province level)
20 SOE Statement of Expenditure
21 SPS Safeguards Policy Statemen
22 TOR Terms of Reference

Weather Indexed Crop Insurance